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    Building Community.”

    Hall County Schools
    ESPLOST VI/General Obligation Bond Referendum

EPLOST Updates

*February 4th Update*

The following 10-Year-Facility-Plan projects are underway and are funded by ESPLOST and General Obligation Bond revenue. Updated February 4, 20-22:

  • Cherokee Bluff Middle School Construction (in progress),
  • Learning Commons at Spout Springs, Sugar Hill, Martin, Mt. Vernon, and Lula Elementary Schools; Chestatee High School; East Hall Middle School (complete). Phase 3 of Learning Commons renovations scheduled for summer of 2022 (Wauka Mt., Lanier, and Chestnut Mt., and Friendship Elementary Schools; Chestatee Middle School).
  • Renovations to Chestatee High School: addition of automotive lab; upgrade to classrooms, construction lab, and band room. (complete)
  • Addition of Manufacturing Lab at West Hall High School (complete).Installation of air conditioning in middle school gymnasiums (complete).
  • Purchase and clearing of 51 acres in North Hall–site of new Agri-Business Center. Addition of approximately 35 head of cattle, with plans for meat processing plant; 20 bee hives for honey production; development of a working poultry operation.
  • Security Card Access and door access cameras for all schools (complete)
  • Artificial turf installation in 5 high school stadiums (complete). Installation of artificial turf at Flowery Branch High School stadium to begin spring of 2022.
  • Purchase of 27 new buses.
  • Construction of new Performing Arts Center at Johnson High School (in progress).
  • Phase 1 of new Performing Arts Center and Renovations to West Hall High School: permitting, surveys, etc. (construction to begin Summer of 2022)
  • East Hall High School Renovations (in progress).

Current Projects

Current Projects


Listed in Priority Order

1. Bond repayment
2. New school construction and associated land acquisition, school additions, related items such as library books, furniture, etc.
3. Existing school upkeep/upgrade – historically this has been items such as new roofs, HVAC, floors, security systems, etc.
4. Technology
5. School Buses
6. Land acquisition for future school needs.
7. Extra-Curricular facilities-Fields, auditoriums, fine arts centers, gyms, bleachers, scoreboards, etc.

FAQ’s Regarding the HCSD 10 Year Plan

Question: If ESPLOST VI and the Bond measures pass, and new elementary schools are constructed, will the consolidation of schools impact current attendance zones which determine where my child attends middle or high school?

Answer: No. At this time the district has no plans to redraw district lines. As an example: If White Sulphur and Riverbend Elementary Schools were to merge into one newly constructed facility, students from White Sulphur would still attend East Hall Middle and High Schools, and Riverbend students would continue to track through the North Hall Cluster.

“A message from Superintendent Will Schofield addressing the March referendum and questions about student attendance zones. It is the district’s intent to provide useful information so that you can vote with your conscience on March 24, 2020”


The Hall County School District will hold seven informational meetings on the upcoming ESPLOST VI and Bond Referendum scheduled for March 24, 2020. Meetings are scheduled by school cluster and begin at 6:30PM.
Please see the locations below:

January 27: Johnson High School, Performing Arts Center
February 3: North Hall High School, Performing Arts Center
February 10: Cherokee Bluff High School, Theater
February 17: Flowery Branch High School, Theater
February 24: West Hall High School, Theater
March 2: East Hall High School, Performing Arts Center
March 9: Chestatee High School, Theater

The district encourages stakeholders to attend these meetings and hear more about the implementation of the 10-Year Facility Plan should both measures pass
on the referendum in March.

El Distrito Escolar del Condado de Hall llevará a cabo siete reuniones informativas sobre el próximo Referéndum de Bonos y ESPLOST VI programados para el 24 de marzo de 2020. Las reuniones están programadas por grupo escolar y comienzan a las 6:30 P.M. Por favor, consulte los lugares a continuación:

27 de Enero: Johnson High School, Performing Arts Center
3 de Febrero: North Hall High School, Performing Arts Center
10 de Febrero: Cherokee Bluff High School, Teatro
17 de Febrero: Flowery Branch High School, Teatro
24 de Febrero: West Hall High School, Teatro
2 de Marzo: East Hall High School, Performing Arts Center
9 de Marzo: Chestatee High School, Teatro

El distrito alienta a las partes interesadas a asistir a estas reuniones y escuchar más sobre la implementación del Plan de Instalaciones a 10 Años en caso de que ambas medidas sean aprobadas en el referéndum en marzo.

“Building a Future for Students:
Building Community”

New Cherokee Bluff Middle School – $44M
4 New Elementary Schools, Bringing Current Number of 20 to 17 – $109M
Renovations to Bathrooms, Classrooms, Core Spaces at Existing Middle/High Schools, Safety/Security Improvements – $25M
Performing Arts Centers at Johnson and West Hall High Schools – $18M
Renovations/New Construction at Lyman Hall, Sardis, and Johnson – $36M
Extra-Curricular Activity/Athletic Area Improvements – $12M
District Maintenance Facility and Transportation Satellite Center – $10M
Hall County School District Agricultural-Business Center – $4M
Total: $258M

Please note: All projects and figures are estimates based upon our most current and reliable information. Actual projects and estimates may be adjusted based upon changing conditions.

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